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The world’s best robotic technology in Orthopaedics
is now in Patna

Never before precision, lesser blood loss,
soft tissue and ligament protection speeds
up recovery post surgery.

This breakthrough technology is
designed for knee and hip replacement

Origin of the
Word LEO2?

As per horoscope, Dr. Ashish Singh is a true Leo - enthusiastic, decisive and warm hearted. With patient well-being at the centre of every decision, LEO2 is the name given to personify the addition of an important healing member of AIOR.

It bears the same characteristics as our first LEO but with an unmatched ability - it has 3d vision and blade skills that no human can match. LEO2 is a robotic arm made by Stryker Mako - a leader in medical robotic technology.

LEO2 is a generation leap forward in Orthopaedics surgery.
What makes it the world’s best technology?

For decades, a cutting saw is the tool of choice for surgeons for making cuts and incisions. It has a circular saw for cutting and grinding that may cause damage to surrounding tissues and blood vessels. LEO2 has a precise saw with linear motion that gives perfect incisions with an accuracy down to a millimeter.

The arm is controlled by technology that creates a virtual model of the joint. The true value is the accuracy in the pre-operative stage. Removes all guess work.

LEO2 is not a hand-held device widely popular in other hospitals. It consists of a flexible robotic arm attached to a grounded body. With this, surgeons only have to guide this arm over the area to be operated, without exertion or strain, resulting in better outcomes.

The CT scan data used to create a 3D virtual model of patient's unique anatomy. The resulting virtual 3d bone model and planning images empowers the surgeon with never before pre-operative planning information.

LEO2 prevents the surgeon from going beyond the set boundaries of bone removal. The dots or landmarks created in the pre-operative stage are the outer limits beyond which, the saw will not operate and will give a haptic feedback to the surgeon.

It is the only robot-assisted technology for joint replacement that is approved by the US FDA for partial knee replacement, total Knee replacement and total hip replacement.

AIOR - 25 years of
excellence of providing
mobility to Indians

LEO2 is a recent addition to the stellar capability of Anup Institute in the field of Orthopaedics that has healed many patients in and around the state of Bihar.

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Our first LEO performing orthopaedic procedures

to be an

Dr. Ashish Singh

MBBS , MS Ortho , MCh.Orth. (UK),
PG Diploma CAOS ( UK) SICOT Diploma Orth. ( Sweden )
Fellowship in Primary & Revision Hip and Knee Joint Replacement ( UK )
Fellowship in Computer & Robotic Assisted Hip and Knee Joint Replacement( UK)
MAKO Certified Robotic Joint Replacement Professional ( United States of America)

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